Emerald Studios

who we are and what we do

A true family of photographers. Emerald Studios boasts a roster of incredible talent. We are a Mississauga based wedding photography studio committed to providing outstanding service and incredible photo journalistic wedding galleries. Our talented team of artists is dedicated to providing each client with a unique and specialized experience tailored to their wedding day.  We strive for excellence and want to tell your love story your way.

Our Approach

Emerald Studios takes a unique creative approach when it comes to capturing the fleeting magical moments of your wedding day. Our team of professionals works closely with you to build a relationship that will have you both comfortable and confident in front of the camera. We are there every step of the way and aim to help make the planning of your wedding day hassle free.

Our approach is simple, we capture candid, genuine moments, in a photo journalistic style to document your day. Our team will be there to prompt and gently guide where needed, then slip into the background to capture the magic of the day as it unfolds. We aim to capture not just the bride and the groom, but your family and loved ones, the little details, and the ambiance of your venue.

We don’t stop at the end of your wedding day. At Emerald Studios we are just getting started. We strive to provide perfection in the post production of your images. Our team provides clean, high quality editing to your carefully curated wedding album. You can expect bold colours, warm tones, and sharp crisp images produced with love.

Overall, Emerald Studios is here to provide you with a genuine and positive photography experience that will compliment your wedding day.

Meet The Family


At the young age of 26, Habib already has an astounding nine years of experience producing unbelievable work in the realm of photography. Habib has crafted his style of photography and editing using inspiration from surrealism, fine art, and editorial photography. He has leveraged his elevated technical skills and creativity to produce astounding images that inspire others. He strives to share his unique stylized perspective, to the world. Along the way he has developed and refined skills in editing, design, and cinematography. Habib has worked closely with leaders of prestigious wedding photography studios and, now with the help of the rest of the team, he runs Emerald Studios.


Melanie Velasquez is a secondary shooter and editor at Emerald Studios. Melanie embarked on the journey of becoming a photographer when she received her first film camera from her father. She idolized the idea of story telling through images and soon went on the path to become a wedding photographer. Melanie has spent the last 5 years developing her skills alongside her husband, Habib Sajid. The two were wed in the summer of 2015 and since decided to grow their passion together to make what is now Emerald Studios. Melanie has strong interpersonal skills which make communicating with her clients a breeze. Her clients feel a sense of peace and comfort knowing Melanie will direct poses when needed and sit back and let sparks fly for the perfect candid moment. Melanie strives to provide her clients with photographs they will cherish and share for many years to come, she believes love is a sentiment that can’t be expressed through words alone.


Ricardo has been honing his craft in photography for over 15 years. In this time, he has excelled in landscape, lifestyle, and environmental photography. His passion and attention to detail has allowed him to create wedding photography that not only captures the essence of moments but also takes advantage of scenery that could be missed by an untrained eye. Ricardo has been working the past 5 years with his Fiancé Lindsey sharpening their skills in wedding photography and together are excited to be a part of Emerald Studios.


Lindsey was born and raised in a small town in Southern Ontario. Inspired by her father’s life long passion and dedication to photography, she began her own photography journey at a young age. Lindsey has spent most of her life with a camera in hand. She has since been capturing weddings professionally for over five years. Lindsey draws her inspiration from the beauty and calmness of nature. She is always eager to meet new couples and learn their unique love stories.