Emerald Studios

who we are and what we do

We, as a team, are bonded by family ties. Our emphasis on family colours our approach, immortalizing the quiet, beautiful moments that make a wedding or engagement so special. We have a keen eye for capturing honest emotions, communicating the spirit of connection through photography and videography. We’re fully committed to bringing your dreams to life, leaving you with lasting memories of your special day.

Our Approach

From the moment we first connect with our clients, we take a unique, collaborative approach to understand your needs and create the perfect solution to capture the most special moments of your wedding or engagement. 

We want to get to know you, and establish a relationship to ease camera shyness. So when your special day finally arrives, we can capture beautiful, natural photos and video. We take a photojournalistic approach, documenting your journey and all the loved ones who play a part along the way. At moments, we’ll gently guide you toward the perfect shot. At other times, we’ll fade into the background to capture the candid emotions of you and your guests.

Once we’ve photographed your special day, we dive into post-production, putting the finishing touches on your photos and video. Our team is experienced in photo retouching and video editing, producing a clean, high-quality, curated vision of the most memorable event of your life.

Emerald Studios is dedicated to building a custom plan to compliment your wedding day, with a warm, authentic, family-oriented attitude.

Meet The Family


With nine years of experience in photography, Habib practices his well-honed craft with inspiration drawn from surrealism, fine art and editorial photography. In addition to his experience working alongside prestigious photography studios, he has expanded his skills to cinematography, editing and design. His own wedding to Melanie solidified his passion for wedding photography, and inspired him to assemble the Emerald Studios team.


Melanie’s journey with photography was sparked by her father, who gifted her a film camera at an early age. With five years of experience as a wedding photographer, she is still enamoured by the experience of visual story telling. After getting married to Habib, she directed her creative vision and interpersonal skills toward Emerald Studios. Melanie believes that love is an emotion that can’t strictly be communicated through words, and she loves using photography to speak when words fail.


In his 15-year career as a photographer, Ricardo has produced stunning landscape, lifestyle and environmental photography. His strong creative instincts and attention to detail enable him to capture the essence of life’s most emotional moments. He has a keen eye for framing and scenery, capturing subtle background details that might otherwise be missed. He joins the Emerald Studios team alongside his sister Melanie and his fiance Lindsey, working with clients to capture beautiful photos that will be cherished for years to come.


Inspired by her father’s lifelong love of photography, Lindsey’s passion for photography was sparked at a young age. Growing up in a small Southern Ontario town, she has spent most of her life with a camera in hand, and she has dedicated the last five years to mastering wedding photography. She draws inspiration from nature, producing uniquely serene photos that communicate subtle nuances of emotion. She and her fiance, Ricardo, take great joy in learning their clients’ unique love stories, and finding a way to creatively capture their relationship through the lens.